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After reading other articles on scams, you may be very scared about ordering a Rolex replica on the Internet. There is good reason to be worried, but you shouldn’t panic yet; there are still reliable replica dealers on the Internet who consistently deliver quality products. Just make sure to follow these benchmarks, and you are almost guaranteed to find a trusted seller. Violate them at your own risk, and you would most likely run into a crooked dealer and not get the quality you paid for.

Benchmark 1: Accepts multiple types of payment

You must get the idea by now that we recommend you purchase replica watches over the Internet using credit cards or PayPal or bank wire or Money Transfer Service. Never buy using COD.

Only purchase from a credible company who is able to accept credit cards and Bank wires if you want to be guaranteed that the quality of the watch is exactly as represented. Because this company will have business relations with the Banks and the credit card companies and that shows it’s a professional business and not scammers.

However, with all the ‘Phishing’ going around lately on the Internet, it’s good reason why you should be worried about handing your credit card information to a dealer who sells replica watches. Ever wonder how credit card companies got hit with nearly $1 billion of fraud worldwide? Because naïve customers hand out their credit card information to fake dealers who are simply trying to gather your information.

The safest method to pay would still be Bank Wire or Credit Card or MTS (Money Transfer Service/ like Western Union or MoneyGram). Since 2004, we have been constantly urging customers to pay only by the above methods. Basically, the dealer ships you the product when payment is done and you check the FedEx or UPS tracking number to see when your watch will be delivered. How can anything be safer than that?

Benchmark 2: Reasonable Warranty

The main thing you have to remember about warranty is that the dealers offer you the exact same warranty they are offered by their wholesale.

All dealers do this, because no one can afford to purchase a brand new watch each time someone wants a warranty exchange (and trust me, there are can be a heck of a lot of warranty returns on replica watches!).

So it’s safer to buy directly from a Replica watch manufacturer and not a simple dealer.

Genuine Swiss-made replicas must be offered a minimum of a 1 year warranty.

Genuine Japan-made replicas must be offered a minimum of 120 day warranty.

Genuine top quality China-made replicas must be offered a minimum of 90 day warranty.

All other cheaper replicas usually come with a 30 day warranty from the wholesaler.

But the real important thing about warranty policies is that no one really enforces them. So if I were to offer you a 10 year warranty, I probably wouldn’t be around for more than 10 months to honor it.

This means you must use your head when someone makes a claim about their warranty policies.

If they offer a 2 year, or 3 year warranty it would be only on Swiss Replicas, we can guarantee you it is almost much safer than purchasing from a dealer who offers a 1-year warranty. But keep in mind that you have to check the company lifetime on the web to make sure they have a long presence.

You have no idea how many ‘fl-by-the-night’ sites we run into which are out of business after only a few months. They come and go as they please, after they have scammed a few customers, and ship out cheap $50 Chinese-made replicas and selling them for $500+. You have absolutely no idea.

Benchmark 3: Money Back Guarantee

Always ensure that you are protected with a money back guarantee. Anyone who doesn’t offer a full, 100%money back guarantee probably doesn’t believe in their products either.

All credible companies in the world offer moneyback guarantees (except for hygienic and certain other products), so there’s no reason why especially a credible replica company can’t back up their claims.

BUT the key to money back guarantees is to remember once again that just like a warranty; the money-back guarantee is only as good as the dealer whom offers it. If a shady dealer offers you 200% money-back guarantee (and recently we have seen a new dealer offer “double your money back”), you are just asking to be ripped off.

Benchmark 4: Accurate Pictures

Pictures and words can lie, but bad pictures usually result in poor quality watches. This is probably one of the most important benchmarks.

If you were to follow any other benchmark, follow this one.

Clear photos from Swiss replica dealers are a recipe for top quality watches. The more clear photos of the product a site provides the better your change to get a really good watch. There is not a single good reason to purchase from a dealer who is trying to sell a $900 item and is providing 1 faded photo of it from one angle.

Note: this does not tell you to go ahead and order from a site that has good pictures. Anyone can go get a real Rolex watch, take a picture of it, and try to sell it as a Swiss because they all look identical.

It’s the entire site watch collection that is provided to have clear and many pictures of their watches.

As a matter of fact, pictures of Japanese Rolex replicas taken from several feet away and slightly blurry look almost identical to Swiss Rolex replicas as well. So make sure to follow EVERY benchmark in here, not just this one, to ensure you get the fair transaction you deserve.

Benchmark 5: Accurate Specifications

Although the dealers can lie about all their specifications, you have to make sure that they at least make sense.

If they claim their Japan-made replicas have solid gold and sapphire crystal, you obviously know they’re lying.

Or, if they claim they offer a 3 month or 6 month warranty on a Swiss-made replica they’re obviously not selling genuine Swiss-made replicas most likely Japan-made replicas at a much higher price).

Read the specs which describe each different type of replica available on the market, and make sure the specifications MAKE SENSE.

If you know for sure that you are going to purchase from a certain dealer, make sure that the watch you are purchasing from has the CORRECT specifications to avoid a scam.

So for example, if you are purchasing a Swiss-made replica, make sure that the dealer specifically says on their website that their bands are crafted from 18K solid gold wrap, or have genuine sapphire crystal, or are water-resistant to 100 meters.

Just in case when the watch arrives and it does not have these specifications on the website, the credit card company will be on the dealer’s side and you will NOT get your money back. Once again, remember that most websites on the Internet who sell replicas will try to scam you one way or another. So if the dealer clearly state on their website that your watch has 18K solid gold wrap, and the gold starts to wear off 2 months later, you at least have a chance of getting back some of your money or a new watch even if they say their warranty policies are only 6 months.

Benchmark 6: Reasonable Prices

When we say reasonable prices, we are not saying that they must be reasonably low. We are saying that they must be reasonably HIGH.

You cannot expect to buy a genuine Swiss-made replica for $600. That simply can’t happen if the wholesale prices from the dealer average out to $900 each. Yes, they can offer you a 1 year warranty, 18k solid gold wrap, and everything else, including $1000 for a so-called Swiss-made replica. But if they don’t accept bank wire, money transfer service or credit cards, then you know for sure that is just a Chinese-made replica that you can purchase for $50 elsewhere. Remember that when a Swiss made ETA movement cost is over $300 then it’s impossible for the watch to cost lower that the movement itself.


The benchmarks listed in this article are clearly dependent on each other. This means you cannot look for a site that passes 3 or 4 of the tests; the more expensive the replica you wish to purchase, the more tests it must pass.

If you are looking for genuine Swiss-made replicas, make sure the company you are purchasing from passes ALL of the benchmarks. You might think you are smart paying $500 instead of $1000 for that so-called Swiss-made replica. But when you receive the watch, you’ll feel dumb knowing that you paid $500 for a Chinese-made replica that you could have paid $50 for elsewhere.

In the end, paying by bank wire-credit card-mts is the way to go just to ensure they send something out. Sometimes, saving a few cents just costs too much.

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